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Nothing says "I Love You, Dear" like screaming lower back pain!

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17 May 2011

More Screaming Lower Back Pain

It looks like I'll be painting trim in preparation for completing the renovations to the Master Bedroom.  While the actual painting shouldn't have much discomfort, installing the trim will.  Below is the pattern that Mrs Bugbear has decided on.  Given her occupation I really can argue with her interior design or architectural decisions.  The trim is a flat with slightly radiused corners on two edges. 
Figure 1, Mrs. Bugbear's Master Bedroom Trim Plan for a Door Opening.
The smaller pieces stand about 3/8" proud of the trim and about 1" proud of the walls.  The wider pieces are 3-5/8" wide and 5/8" thick.  As I mentioned in a prior post the flat trim should be quicker and easier to paint and install.

Trim in Cross-Section.

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