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28 June 2011

My Hammock Has a Green Roof

Has Hammock-Cam been trademarked yet?  Mrs Bugbear bought me a hammock for my just passed birthday.  I finally had some time on Sunday to put the metal frame together so that I could enjoy some me-time under the cover of the sugar maples in front of the Dog-House (the pet name for my workshop).

Thing 1 (the oldest little Miss Bugbear) wanted to help so with her assistance I managed to not lose any parts and safely assemble my hammock.  While I was chilaxin' in the hammock I decide to snap a few photos of the green canopy sheltering me from the radiance of the sun.



  1. Those better be some strong trees if they have to support you, Senior Bugbear....

  2. I'm only going to worry about the trees if you happen to settle your flatulent fundament in my hammock.


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