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05 July 2011

The Perfect Storm

I'm going to start this blog entry with three facts.  The first fact is that I don't drink much. I'm not a teetotaler nor do I sit down and have a beer every night, or even every week.  The second fact is that I unlike most of my close friends I don't really like rum.  That last statement is not entirely accurate, I really only like good Jamaican Rum.  The third and most disparate fact is that I make my own ginger beer. I make ginger beer using authentic ginger beer plant.

Now last night I was struck by a rare alcoholic appetition. A few months ago I had picked up a bottle of NewFoundland Screech, a Jamaican rum.  I'd  drank a couple of rum and cokes in the intervening months and decided to have another when to my chagrin I discovered a scantness of soda in the house.  I did however discover a bottle of Ginger Beer.  I've had a few Dark and Stormy's over the years (Ginger Beer and Black Rum) so I decided that I try a Jamaican Rum with Ginger Beer.  The resultant cocktail I'm Calling the Perfect Storm since
I'm ripping off paying homage to a Dark and Stormy.  If you have access to ginger beer plant and want to sample this sinfully sumptuous libation then I recommend that you brew the ginger beer using lemon, lime and fresh ginger rather than dried ginger.  The mellower version of ginger beer produced using fresh ginger is a better complement to the Jamaican rum.
Alternately, provide me a week's notice of a visit and a bottle of Jamaican rum.


  1. I have a bottle of Screech you can use to make me a drink or two and you can keep the remainder.

    I have found I enjoy some dark rums with a ginger ale or a ginger ale/commercial ginger beer mix. Probably that maps to your 'fresh ginger' version in that the ginger ale cuts the ginger beer's strength. I have found that coconut rum and spiced rum don't work very well in this drink, but amber rum does as well.

    With cola, white rum, coconut rum or spiced rum are my favourites. With egg nog, the spiced or dark are a must.

    Rum is not my tipple of choice; That would either be abbey or trappist ales (La Trappe, Chimay, Orbal, etc), a great stout (St. Peter's Brewing Company, Tadcaster - I'm looking at you!), or something more exotic like Gulden Draak (a phenomenal beverage if you've never had it).

    If I'm to move into the harder stuff, take me directly to single malt. Rum is only my fall back if the bar lacks a decent single malt or I'm stuck ordering in a poor restuarant. And in those cases, rye and coke has at least as much claim to my attentions although I find Crown Royal vastly overrated.

  2. Crown Royal is about the minimum standard. Forty Creek is quite a bit better. There's a single malt rye from Nova Scotia(IIRC) that's reputed to be very good but I've never had a chance to sample it.


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