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26 September 2011

Braggin' Rights

I've got a food rating system not unlike my book rating system.  At the bottom is the Brass Microwave, the cook had better heat up the ingredients and try again.  Near the top is the Boiled Underwear Award, the cook could boil your dirty underwear without salt and you'd ask for seconds.

On the weekend Mrs. Bugbear decided to make a turkey dinner complete with stuffing and pie for desert.  I offered to smoke the turkey but she wanted something more traditional.  With the plethora of pumpkins perched on my porch I told Mrs. Bugbear that she might as well use one for pie. Despite my penchant for growing pumpkins I don't actually like pumpkin pie. I don't dislike pumpkin pie either, I'm just ambivalent about it. 

My wife made a pumpkin and earned the Boiled Underwear Award.  She almost won the Really Rotten Roadkill award but her pie crust was more powdery than flaky, it was a near thing though.

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