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23 January 2012

Product Review - Neutragena Shaving Cream

This is a product I picked up just to give it try the last time I was grocery shopping.  I have to admit that but for two things I'd probably convert to shaving with this full time, but the two factors preclude me from doing this.

First the positive though.  This product seems to me to be a hybrid mix of shaving cream and shaving oil.  You apply the product thinly over the area you're shaving.  It recommends a quarter-sized amount to shave your face.  The product doesn't foam up like a shaving gel, although there are a few suds apparent on your face.  Shave as you would normally.  The shave is the equal of a shaving oil. (I feel that a shaving oil gives a better shave than shaving cream.)

The downsides are two, but only one may apply in your case.  It's not available in a fragrance free version which means that the product is verboten in the McBugbear house due to Mrs. McBugbear's fragrance allergy.  The price of the product also seems excessive, when you compare it to the price of conventional shaving cream.  A minor nit, the product also fails to capture the severed whiskers like the shaving oil or shaving cream.  On the plus side it clears from your razor much better than shaving oils do.

Overall other than the price and the fragrance I quite like the product and I can live with the minor nit of having to rinse a few whiskers off after a good shave.

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