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30 January 2012

Weekend Roundup

I got out to the range on the weekend for the first time since McBugbear Junior was born.  As I was putting the pistols in the car my oldest daughter, Thing1, walks up and asks if she can go shooting with me.  I said that I'll take her with me in a couple of years.  She'll be five next month and I did buy her a pink compound bow for her birthday though.  If her interest in firearms continues then I'm planning on buying her a .22lr with a pink stock.

It was an IDPA practise day so I had the STI Spartan 9mm out and put holes in some vaguely man-shaped cardboard targets.  I had a lot of fun and I placed second on all three courses of fire.

After I completed the third course of fire one of the other participants asked,"Have you played a lot of first person shooter video games?"

I replied, "I used to but I haven't played any since I got married, why do you ask?"

"All three courses of fire, all your shots were headshots."

Since Mrs. McBugbear is off on maternity leave, she seems to do most of the cooking day to day.  After a couple of weeks of this she asked me to make at least one dinner on the weekend to give her a bit of a break.  I agreed since it was a pretty reasonable request (I actually try to do all the cooking on weekends but I get sidetracked by renovations, range days, gaming, that sort of thing).  This weekend I made Boeuf en Croute, Champ and corn for supper.  Mrs McBugbear made a lovely lemon pudding from our Irish cookbook.

If you're looking for the Boeuf en Croute recipe you'll find it at my food blog McBugbear's Kitchen.  I think next weekend I'll make some Tom Yum pork with rice and salad rolls in rice paper and Nam Prik for dipping.

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