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11 January 2012

SOG Twitch XL

I recently purchased the SOG Twitch XL folding knife. The Twitch features a 3.25x1/8" hollow ground blade, assisted opening, thumb stud, safety and blade lock.
Figure 1, Twitch XL by SOG.
My chief complaint is the location of the thumb stud, but then I rarely use the thumb stud to open the knife.  The tab projecting down from the blade is referred to as the Kick.  Press the kick and the blade opens out until the assisted opening mechanism takes over and the blade springs out and locks.  The safety is useful if your going to have the blade open for a considerable amount of time but for a quick cut of tape sealing a box the safety really isn't necessary.  So far it seems to hold an edge and despite being hollow ground the final cutting edge is a regular wedge so resharpening at home isn't going to be a problem.

Overall an absolutely great knife!

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