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13 February 2012

IDPA Practice Weekend

Looks like we have three hardcore IDPA shooters.  Three of us braved -15C temperatures and -25 windchill to put some rounds downrange on the weekend.  One of the three hardcore shooters brought his daughter to the practice, she did brave the cold once but then she sat beside the woodstove in pistol house while us hardcore types stood bare-handed in gale force winds with big metal heatsinks (pistols) in our hands.

Oddly though, the best time of the day was on the course of fire was 10:52 seconds.  Posted by the sixteen year old daughter of a school teacher, 10:52 seconds, no penalties.  While she was just shooting a .22LR the tangos would still be dead, because apparently she plays even more first person shooter games than I did.

The gun club I belong to is a bit Cliquey.  The Pistol guys don't talk much to the Trap Shooters, everyone looks funny at the Blackpowder Guys and the Rifle Shooters don't even talk to each other.  If we had some CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) then we could all snicker behind our hands at the people that were dressing funny on the range.  It's almost like being in high school again.  Since I joined the club about four years ago I've always been curious what bridged these divers groups.  On Sunday I found out, I asked one of the pistols guys about reloading.  It's like giving a Mason the secret handshake, you're in just by asking.  Before I knew it I'd been invited over to his home to see his..ahem...reloading press.  He'd even let me reload a few rounds to see if I liked it.  One of the other guys overheard that I was interested and he made the same offer.  I guess to really belong to a group you just have to ask the right questions.

Of course the guys that own a Lee Precision press won't talk to the guys that have an RCBS press and don't even get started on the Dillion Press guys...

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