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27 February 2012

IDPA Weekend

This weekend we decided to do a bit of Three Gun.  Well, Two-Gun, since three gun usually includes a shotgun and we just used and AR-15.  The course of fire involved seven targets and one innocent bystander.  At thirty-five yards we engaged two targets, and then drew our sidearm and engaged two targets while moving forward to cover form thirty five to 20 yards.  We then had to engage three targets one of which was wearing a vest and another that was hiding behind a bystander.  We ran the course of fire about four times each.  My time with penalties ranged from 58.52s down to 35.28s.  The 35.28s had one miss but fortunately I realized I missed on the first shot so I made the second shot a head shot and thereby avoided having to reload for the last target.   All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning, except for the freezing temperatures and 35kph winds.

Sunday I spent the afternoon cleaning guns.  Besides shooting the Spartan I had shot the Lil'l Smoke (Colt 1860) and the Big Smoke (Tradtions Vortek) as well as Maggie (Marlin Model 57M .22WMR) on Saturday.  My oldest daughter and her grandfather tend to name guns so I've gone with the flow.  My oldest daughter is showing a quite an interest in guns so I've been hammering home basic gun safety with her when ever she's watching while I'm cleaning or storing guns.

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