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27 March 2012

Norinco 1911 A1 Clone

At our biweekly IDPA practise I had a chance to try out another fellows Norinco M1911-A1.  For under $350 CDN this is a sweet gun.  I found it to be quite accurate in the hands of someone who can shoot it would be undoubtedly very accurate.  The finish was quite good.  It's not the equal of my STI Spartan (9mm) in terms of how tight the tolerances are but the gun was fairly tight and both guns have about 2000 rounds through them.  I didn't find that the recoil was any better or worse in the .45ACP than in my 9mm.  I was a bit slower to get back on target but not too much.  The time on the course of fire using each gun was within a little over half a second on 7 rounds.

Considering that the Norinco was less than half the price of my STI and about a quarter of the price of the STI Trojan I think that it is great value for the money.

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