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21 March 2012

Snail cappers and Volumetric Powder Flask Spouts

Snail Capper by Tedd Cash.
I recently misplaced the capper for my Pietta Colt 1860 Army reproduction.  Since fumbling caps onto the nipples with Bugbear-sized fingers is a pain (not just because of my arthritis) I decided to buy a Tedd Cash snail capper based on some YouTube videos by duelist1954.  The capper is available through Track of the Wolf.

I'm mostly pleased with the capper.  I need to do a small amount of filing to get it to work with my gun.  My chiefest complaint is that the capper is sized to accommodate No. 11 caps and I'm currently using No. 10 caps.  Consequently the No. 10 caps can turnover inside the capper.  This is a bit of a pain in the fundament but when I eventually run out of No. 10 caps I will be replacing the nipples on the cylinder and changing to the more commonly available No. 11 caps.  In the meantime I'm going to get a sheet of brass and line the inside of the capper to reduce the inside dimension to suit the No. 10 caps.

With the caveats noted above this is a great product.  Capping the revolver is much easier. The greater surface area makes capping while keeping the muzzle in a safe orientation a simpler task.  It's also much quicker than the straight capper I'd modified to suit my revolver.