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09 May 2012

Product Review SliX-SHot Nipples

I've had time to get to the range and try out the new SLiX-Shot nipples. My experience is rather middle of the road.  One thing that I can say is that absent filling in the groove in the hammer it does not solve the problem of the caps getting sucked off the nipple.  I have found it does relieve the problem somewhat though.  I fired about 25 shots and had a few cap jams.  The nipples do tend to blow the caps apart into a nice cloverleaf pattern (using #10 CCI caps).  The nipples are just a touch too long as well so the caps seem to sit a bit higher although they still clear the frame as the cylinder rotates, but not by much.  Ignition was very consistent, I never had to hit a cap twice which was an intermittent problem as my reproduction 1860 got fouled a bit with the old nipples.

 My only real complaint is that occasionally the SLiX-Shot nipples will throw a piece of hot cap back on my hand.  The old nipples did this occasionally as well but with lower frequency.  I was shooting on a windy day so that might have something to do with the problem.

Overall I wouldn't say that these nipples are a must buy but if you're in the market for replacement nipples they certainly aren't overpriced or an inferior product.


  1. I just got my slix nipples this week, I put them on, but they looked to long, and I didn't like how close the caps came to the recoil shield. I put in my Treso's, caps stay put, but hammer looks like it gets too close to the nipple for comfort.

    The joys of cap 'n ball.....

  2. That's pretty much what I observed as well. I took a close look at the nipples after I'd used them at the range. There was no mushrooming or cracking and no marking on the hammer. I may take them to my brother-in-law and have him machine them down to match the nipples I replaced.

    I will say though that once the caps are on I had no problem with the caps clearing the shield, the clearance was tight but it didn't dislodge any caps when I spun the cylinder (slowly) on half-cock.

    I'm pretty ambivalent about the SLiX-Shot nipples overall.


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