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22 May 2012

Guardian of Night

Tony Daniels
ISBN: 978-1451638028
Rating: Buy, Softcover, New

I'm of two minds about the book, on one hand the technology imagined by the author is kinda cool.  On the other hand he needs to provide a bit more description to set the image of the various scenes in the book and a couple of data dumps early on would've made the book a bit better.

It's a pretty good first time offering and despite it's brevity I really liked the book.  The aliens are satisfyingly alien, there's (somewhat plausible) whiz-bang technology, the Earth is in desperate straits, a huge climatic battle, in short all the elements for a great sci-fi adventure.  The characters were engaging and the action was quite good. While Guardian of Night might fall a bit short of greatness it's still very good and Tony Daniel is an author to keep watch on.

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