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22 May 2012

Wolf River Apples

When I was but a wee Bugbear, a friend and I used to go to this old apple tree in the remains of an orchard behind an abandoned house.  I'm sure this tale isn't unique to me but the reason that I still remember the story thirty-five years later is that the apples were Wolf River Apples.  For those not in the know Wolf River Apples can weigh as much as a pound.  When I was a kid stealing apples from that old orchard I remember the apples being as big as my head.

Since the first little Miss Bugbear was born I've been looking for a Wolf River Apple Tree to plant.  This weekend I was finally successful.  So in about 3-5 years we should see some apples from the tree I found at the Home Despot on Saturday.

We have a couple of crab apple trees in front of the house so pollination shouldn't be a problem, however just to be safe I'll plant one of the pollination partners of Wolf River Apple trees such as a Honeycrisp, Spartan or Gala.

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