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18 June 2012

Good Deeds

I was visiting my father-in-law last night and he gave me a chance to look at a Winchester '94 in .38-55 that he had recently acquired.  The gun is overall in good shape, although the bluing is worn off the receiver.  The octagon barrel still retains about 80% of the bluing and the bore looks to be in great shape.  A prior owner has refinished the stock but the fore-stock looks to have the original finish. The rifle was manufactured in 1902 and has sat idle in an upstairs closet for 60 years.  Wonder of wonders the rifle comes with a bullet mold.

Overall this is a nice gun and I'm jealous of the price he paid.  He spent the winter shoveling the driveway for a neighbor after she'd had surgery.  It's nice to see that a good deed can be rewarded.

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