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22 November 2012

Phoenix Rising

Ryk Spoor
ISBN:  978-1451638417
Rating:  Buy, Paperback, New

While Ryk Spoor has a relatively small backlist and I have to admit that I've generally enjoy his solo books better than his collaborations.  Phoenix Rising is, I believe, his third solo work and is generally a pretty good book.  My chief complaint would be it seemed to be a rather slow starter,  it took a couple of weeks of reading (on the throne) before my attention was finally engaged enough to sit down and finish the book in an evening of reading.  Once the story started to really roll I was engrossed though so I give it a reasonably good rating.

The world (which I gather was created for an RPG) is quite interesting and I'm hoping to see a bit more of it in future books.  While I haven't given this book one of the two top ratings due to the slow start it really is worth reading.


  1. Thanks for reading!

    Alas, Phoenix Rising is only part one of a trilogy, and it has to do all the setup -- especially as the world in question is not exactly what surface appearances would make it. Plus there's pieces of two OTHER trilogies that criss-cross through the plot, so no one adventure will tell the whole story.

    1. I certainly hope it sells well enough to get the other books published!


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