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12 December 2012

Local Bird Watching Update

I was driving to work in the summer and I caught sight of a pair of American Kestrels.  They're the first Kestrels I've ever spotted in my area although as far as I know they aren't terribly rare.  A very pretty falcon.

This brings to the fore another story.  My wife and I were sitting on the deck one evening in August.  We heard something landing on the TV antenna at the back of the house.  My wife asked what it was since she couldn't see the antenna from where she was sitting.  I looked up and said very casually, "It's a Great Blue Heron."

She didn't believe me so she got up to look and startled the poor bird from it's perch.

Last Saturday I was returning from the Mecca of Cheddar (Wilton Cheese Factory) when I spotted a male Northern Harrier.  The hawk was gliding about 12-15 feet above the ground.  He seemed to cruising through a farmer's field looking for prey.  It was a very calm dark day and I was surprised how far the harrier could cruise between flaps of his wings.  Apparently this is its normal flight pattern.  The hawk is about the same size as a sh!t hawk (ring-billed gull).

Before we moved Cardinals were a regular visitor to our bird feeder in the winter and we frequently saw them in the cedars during the summer months as well.  At the new house after two years in residence we had our first visit by a female Cardinal.  I think that they are almost prettier than the males.  The males are just a bit garish.

Next up is a fellow that I've never seen.  Mrs. Bugbear and I hear him, very frequently all summer though.  One night he was in the cedar tree beside our bedroom and he was OMG loud.  This fellow has to be one of the homeliest birds that I've never seen, I present the Whip-or-will!

I saw a rare duck for the area, the Ruddy Duck.  Very distinctive and one that migrates through the area not a resident.  I've also seen lots of Mallards, Black Ducks, Buffleheads, Merganzers and Common Loons

We've also been seeing chickadees, pine siskins, cedar waxwings and downy woodpeckers.

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