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29 November 2012

Cold Days

Jim Butcher
ISBN: 978-0-451-46440-8
Rating: Buy, Hardcover, New

It's been over a year since Ghost Story came out and the much awaited next installment in the Dresden Files has finally arrived, and been read.  What's not to like in a Dresden Files book?  It's got Faerie Queens, Dark Gods, less Dark Gods, Mad Wizards and the list goes on.  It also has one of my favorite characters in back from the dead.

Unlike most serials the Dresden Files has characters that grow, change, grow and sometimes die.  Butcher is also very good at sticking to his mythology or making his gaffes consistent without resorting to retconning which as a reader I really appreciate.  A lot of threads from previous books are woven through this story and Mr Butcher seems to have mastered skirting the edge of revelation without showing his cards.

Colds Days tells the story of Harry Dresden's return from the dead and immediately plunges him into the Byzantine plots and politics of the Winter Court.  Always being played and never the player Harry nonetheless manages to stave off the day and keep himself of sort of intact.

The only thing not to like about the Dresden files is the glacial pace of new books coming out, write faster Mr Butcher...please!

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