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15 April 2013

Mesa Tactical Sureshell Saddle Rail - Product Review

I recently purchased a Mesa Tactical Sureshell Saddle Rail for my Remington 870 Tactical.  I do have a couple of complaints but overall this is a pretty good product.  It fits well and the shot shell holder keeps the shot shells secure.  It's relatively easy to install as well.  Mesa would be well advised to radius the inside corners or provide some sort of gasket material to avoid marking the receiver during installation.

I'd also make a better installation guide, more focused.  The provided installation guide covers about three or four similar products without an actual photo of the specific product I purchased.  It isn't rocket science to install the product but Mesa falls well short of the Gold standard of instructions that I've received with my ATI products.  Lots of companies could learn a little from ATI though.

Overall I'm pleased, as I said it isn't rocket science to install.  One nice feature I found was that there is a vision tunnel under the rail.  Since my red dot sight hasn't arrived yet I was using it this weekend as an ersatz ghost ring site and it proved reasonably effective.  Honestly the target view isn't great  but as with all electronic sights, it's nice to have a backup.  I don't know if the ersatz ghost ring was by design.  Perhaps it is simply an artifact of how the product is manufactured or they saved a few grams of aluminum.  Nonetheless it proved effective, so if my site fails in a match or pointing at a duck I'm not finished for the day.


I've used the Mesa Tactical Sureshell Saddle Rail and the one flaw is that the shotgun shakes the screws loose.  I've applied Loctite threadlocker to it and managed to shake the saddle rail loose.  Now each time I've only had a twelve hour cure on the threadlocker.  I'm going to try a two week cure this time.

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