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18 April 2013


I had a colonoscopy yesterday and they found one polyp up near the interface of the small and large intestines.  My sister had the same procedure just before Christmas and they found two polyps in more or less the same place..  I have to praise my anesthetist, I never felt a thing through the whole procedure.  I became aware once in the middle of the procedure,  I looked up at the monitor and heard the nurse say, he's watching the monitor and then back out I went into La-La-Land.

I have very mixed feelings, on one hand I'm glad I followed in my sister's footsteps and got a colonoscopy early at forty-two rather than the customary fifty.  On the other hand I have a fair amount of trepidation as I am now going to have to get these sorts of procedures routinely for the rest of my life.  It's better than the alternative though.

So if there's any history of colon cancer or polyps in your family, get a colonoscopy done and do it early.  Frankly, just get it done!

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