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22 April 2013

STI Magwell and Mainspring - Product Review

I bought an STI Spartan 9 two years ago.  Since then they performed an arithmetic operation and now STI makes a Spartan 4 and 5.  Enough math humour, I essentially have the Spartan 5 in 9mm.  I've shot the gun for about two years now and my only complaint is that the parkerized finish isn't standing up very well.  I've been using a Blade-Tech OWB holster mounted on a paddle.  The muzzle end of the slide has worn considerably from drawing the pistol. 

I also purchased recently an STI magwell complete with a flat mainspring housing.  The new housing replaces the old plastic housing.  Overall the quality of the part was acceptable but I spent a great deal of time fitting the mainspring housing.  When I first installed the mainspring housing it caused the grip safety to stick in the fire position.  With fair bit of judicious polishing I managed to restore the grip safety function but now I'm going to have to reblue the end of the of the mainspring housing.

I much prefer to have these thing fit correctly out of the box but overall I can't say that the magwell with mainspring housing was poor product.  It expressly indicated that would need to be fitted and the fitting was a minor irritant at best.  Now I'm just awaiting my new grips from VZ and I'll be off to the races.

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