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22 April 2013

Musing on Tacticool Stuff

As an engineer being practical is something more than just design philosophy.  I don't buy stuff just because it's cool.  Each tool in my workshop has a definite purpose and gets used.  I don't buy them just to have and to hold them.  When it comes to building my tactical 870 shotgun everything has a purpose.  I bought the sidesaddle shell carrier with picatinny rail because looked at the ergonomics of reloading during a course of fire and I wanted the reloads on the receiver not on the stock.  I've allways looked at the various heat shields for shotguns and quietly chuckled.

Until I burnt my hand on the barrel of of my 870 on Friday.  After a dozen rounds downrange the damn barrell gets HOT!  Coolness factor may be a good thing especially in a heat shield.

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