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21 May 2013

Second Club Level IDPA Match & Gardening

The long weekend this May was a very busy three days.  As the title says I spent weekend at my second club level IDPA Match and did a lot of gardening.  Friday afternoon my wife and I went out for lunch together at a Thai restaurant, did some shopping at Costco and then after picking up the kids I finished mowing the lawn.  Saturday morning was tomato planting followed by a trip to the local greenhouse to pickup some annuals, perennials, peppers and cucumbers.  Saturday afternoon was spent planting the harvest from the greenhouse.  We now have a half dozen peppers and thirty-two tomato plants in the ground.

Sunday I drove to the Ottawa Area with two fellows from my IDPA group and shot a pretty good match.  The stages of fire were generally short all but one were great.  The one that wasn't great was still pretty good.  There was a total of 6 stages for 100 rounds.  Although I'm shooting unclassified I shot better than all the marksmen classified shooters and nowhere near any of the sharpshooters or experts.  One of the fellows from my IDPA group DQ'd on the fist stage he shot.  At the end of the shoot the organizers let him finish the course unofficially, which I thought was a stand-up way to do business.  They even sent him his score.  I was pleased with how I shot overall although the stages demonstrated that I have to work on remembering to shoot in tactical sequence (my single procedural penalty).  I clearly need more practice on longer shots (20-25 yards).  I also need to work on accuracy.  <SIGH>

Monday, my wife kept working at the gardening while I did laundry.  Dad doing the laundry is a rare event in our house.  There are some jobs I almost never do and conversely there some jobs my wife never does.  I mow lawns, shovel snow, take out the garbage and get the mail.  My wife does the laundry.  This weekend though she was totally engrossed in gardening so I did laundry.  I also folded all the laundry which is a duty I generally share with my wife.  I had to turn a pair of her jeans inside out and I discovered that I could not put my arm all the way through the pair of jeans.   I've frequently teased my wife that my arm is as big as her leg but I never actually thought that it was true, apparently it is true though.

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