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14 May 2013

VZ Operators II Grips

I bought a pair of Operators II grips for my STI International Spartan 9.  I am mostly impressed.  I bought them on the advice of our Area Coordinator for IDPA.  I didn't follow his recommendation in one regard, I got a set with the 'Super Scoop' mag release.  I've got short stubby thumbs and the grips help but don't totally solve the problem. The pictured grips have a regular mag release scoop. 

The grips are heavy though and with the addition of a magwell they've pushed my Spartan to within a quarter of an ounce of the weight limit for ESP (Enhanced Service Pistol Division).  Thank God  I didn't buy the aluminum base pads for my Trip Research Cobra Mags or I'd likely be over the limit.
The Operators have a very aggressive grip and you know you've got the grip right when you feel the sharp edges bite into your palm.  My sole complaint is that they should round corners somewhat around the super scoop as I'm quickly developing a callus on my right thumb joint from the grips.  The Operators II grips in the Tiger Strip nicely complement the Parkerized finish of my Spartan.

Overall I'd rate the VZ Operators II grips a must buy.

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