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29 May 2013

Spartan Apples Trees

Spartan apples are quite popular with the distaff part of the family.  I prefer sour firm apples like Granny Smith.  This spring as is our usual wont Mrs. Bugbear and I planted various tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables under grow lights in the kitchen.  Shortly after the tomatoes sprouted Thing1 was eating an apple and decided that she wanted to plant the seeds.

Imagine my  surprise when the first two seeds sprouted.  As the days progressed I watched the sprouts grow.  After a week or two I looked down and lo two more sprouts had popped up.  About a week ago the lovely Mrs. Bugbear transplanted the seeds to larger pots after we hardened the plants.  So far all three seedlings seem to be doing well and after a year or three in the pots I will transplant them to the yards and see if we get some apples.

Interestingly Thing1 was eating a Spartan apple so we should have a pollination partner planted for half-Spartan seedlings, the Wolf River Apple that I planted last year.  It'll be interesting to see if we get a decent eating apple out of the seeds.

I guess I'll have to rename the blog Bugbear Appleseed!

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