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20 June 2013

Almost Random Act of Kindness

Today I had to go review a building in preparation for doing the drawings for a renovation.  Part of this required me to go outside the building and stare at the overhead wires to puzzle out where the contractor could pick up a neutral.  This task generally requires me to mutter to myself and occasionally gesticulate, I'm pretty sure I didn't swear at all.  So while I was staring up into the sky and doing my best impression of someone with Tourette's off his meds a young woman approached me and asked me if I was okay.

I actually laughed and told her I was fine and explained what I was doing and off she went on her merry way.

On my way back to the office I watched a car cut off traffic so a paraplegic could cross the street.  The woman just drove her wheelchair into traffic without looking.  It's refreshing to see people taking a bit of time to just be nice or do the right thing. 

So after I saw the young woman that had approached me trudging along on the sidewalk I stopped and gave her ride downtown.  Paying it forward is very laudable, but I like the older saying, "One good turn deserves another."

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