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12 August 2013


On Sunday a friend of mine and I decided to have a bit of fun with his GLOCK 34 and my STI Spartan (9mm), 7 yards, 10 rounds, rapid fire and see who was the most accurate.  So I had about a 3" group he had a 2" group and the bragging started.

Mind you he had a scintilla of reserve he suggest that we trade guns and see if it was the gun or the shooter.

I got a nice tight 1" group.

Now I'm a big GLOCK fan.

Full disclosure, I've known for awhile that I'm a GLOCK fan  I seem to be much more accurate with Glocks.  The one problem I have is that they hammer me at the knuckle at the base of my thumb.  After about 200 rounds I'll develop a blister and I haven't had enough time to play around to get a better grip.  I like the XD series but I don't seem to have the same accuracy.  Advice is welcome.

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