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26 October 2016

State of Sci Fi and Fantasy

I've been branching out into authors I don't regularly read lately.  John Ringo, Larry Correia, Jim Butcher, Dave Freer and Sarah Hoyt can't write fast enough to satisfy my addiction and I've re-read almost everything that they've written.  It's been an instructive venture. Most of the other authors I've been trying are writing pretty dark stuff.

I'm friggin' sick of that crap!

It seems that today everyone has a negative view of the future.  Yes we're not enjoying the stupidly high growth of the 90's, we've been at war for 15 years, political correctness is leading to the ruination of the west, dogs and cats living together...

I read Terry Brooks Word and Void series and I did something I never do.  I waded through the first two books and then I read about a third of the last book and skipped to the end.  I didn't go back and finish the book.  I loved the Landover Books but the Word and Void books just weren't hopeful enough for me.  I'm not sure if I'll finish working through the Shannara books in chronological order. I may just go back and re-read the original trilogy which I enjoyed as a kid.

Arrow lost me since Oliver never catches a break.  I've lost interest in the Flash because of the time travel which is worn out meme as far as I'm concerned.  The DC cinematic universe is too dark and thus once again I like Marvel over DC.  I have to admit that I still like the recent DC movies despite their flaws.

I read most of Grossman's 'The Magicians' series and took the books out to the range and used them as targets. I used wadcutters so that books would stay together longer. I took the remains home and used it in the wood-stove to heat my house.  I really didn't like the books.  I won't be buying any more Campbell award winners unless I need targets and home heating.  The hardcovers only cost me $1 each at a used book sales at the local hospital auxiliary cafe so I don't begrudge spending the money and I got a lot of target practice with it.

I'm looking for those stories that give me hope, that transport me to a place where despite the darkness the light triumphs!  I really enjoyed Ringo's Black Tide Rising series and I hate zombie apocalypse stories.  I enjoyed the Black tide books because despite the horror and the near complete failure of society the story is about building a better brighter future.  I think the Monster Hunter Series is heading into the nadir of the storyline  but I still come out with a sense that good' will make evil it's bitch in the end.  Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden is always trying to do the right thing despite any cost to himself.

My advice to all the budding authors out there, write something that lifts up my spirits because otherwise you'll only sell me one book and if it's bad enough it'll be used for home heating because I won't inflict the pain on someone else.  I'm a nice guy that way ;-)

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