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25 February 2013

Spiritual Boots to the Head

My son is just fifteen months old but I thought it was time to start on the father son bonding experiences.  Most men would get a football out or buy him a puck and hockey stick, I took him to a first to a book store and then to a gaming store.  We even bought a game called Evil Baby Orphanage.

We went to a gaming store catering to the RPG crowd.  Most of the store is comprised of tables for people to set up a game on.  In fact there were a couple of games in progress, what I thought was a D&D game and a game of Full Thrust.  So when I went to the cash to check out one of the gamers at the 'D&D' table jumped up and came to the cash.  Imagine my surprise when the clerk was a young woman.  Woman gamers are as rare as hen's teeth in my experience. I thought I'd see if she really had her gaming chops so I asked her what she and her group were playing and she launched into a very detailed explanation of 'Pathfinder" which is basically D&D 3.75.  She had more gaming mojo than I do and I have to admit to getting a Shakabuku, or a swift spiritual kick to the head (from the movie Grosse Pointe Blank). It was a disorienting but pleasant encounter.
In keeping with spiritual boots to the head or cultural doubletakes I should relate another recent shopping experience.  I've been buying books from for years.  Now I've been peripherally aware that Amazon sells more that just books but I hadn't been aware until recently the breadth of product offerings you can get.  I've bought Blu-Rays, CD's, books and I was peripherally aware that you could get some electronics.  Imagine my surprise when I was searching for a red dot scope for my Lee-Enfield and Amazon was in the search results.  I should be more specific, showed up.  So I ended up buying a scope, electronic ear defenders and a range bag on  Kudos to for selling to firearms owners.

Amazon is starting to remind me of Buy-N-Large the fictional company from the Pixar film WALL.E.  When I can buy firearms from the only thing holding off the apocalypse will be the fact that Pestilence always calls in sick and Famine is on the world's longest lunchbreak.

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